Even if you offer free lessons, you want to be able to see which customers have booked the lesson. Here we show you how to create a free class in Eversports Manager.

Step 1: Create a free product.
In the menu Products > New Service > Service Type create a new block-card.
To make sure this product is gratis, enter EUR 0 for the price.

Step 2: Link the free product with the activities
In the product settings you can indicate for which activities the free product is allowed.
You can either select already existing activities or create a new one which you will link to the free product. Here your find info on how to create a class.
Furthermore, you can set how many bookings this product offers (e.g. if is a free trial card, set only 1 booking) and how long this product would be valid for.

Step 3: Set Purchase Rules correctly
Under Purchase Rules > Purchase Options you can check who is allowed to purchase this free product.
If this product can be purchased once per customer, tick the first box.
If only new customers may purchase this product, check the second box.
New customers are customers who have not yet made a booking. Once they book an activity in your studio, this product will no longer be visible to them.

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