Step 1: To offer a free class, e.g. as a special offer for your studio opening, you have to create a new class first. Choose the option 'Products' as a enrolment type. If you have further questions about creating a class, you can find more information here.

Step 2: Even though the class is for free, participants will need a valid product to make sure that participation is not recorded as a open participation. Create a block ticket at a price of 0 € and name it clearly, e.g. "Opening offer". The number of bookings, so how many times your customers are allowed to come with this free card, depends on the number of class dates (Example: If it's a one-time offer, you enter only one booking, see screenshot). Make sure you assign this product only to the free class. Here you can find more information about creating products.

Step 3: Afterwards you can quickly and easily check in your free class customers and assign them the free product via the shopping cart icon. Here you can find more information about checking in customers.

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