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How to offer tryout classes and free classes
How to offer tryout classes and free classes

Offer free classes, free products, trial cards, free Try-Outs

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In case you would like to offer tryout classes or free classes, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Create a tryout product or a free product

In the menu Products create a new product (i.e. a block card for 1 unit).

  • Select Service Type: Trial Service. This settings will highlight this specific product in your online Shop with a tag 'Introductory offer'.

  • If this product is a free product, enter the price of EUR 0.

Step 2 - Link the trial product to your activities

In the Product Settings > Participation Settings you set number of bookings that this product offers and its validity (i.e. 1 booking for a period of 3 months).
Additionally, you need to indicate for which activities the trial product is valid:

  • Select either already existing activities

  • Or create a new special activity (i.e. 'Afternoon Trial Class').

Step 3 - Set up the Purchase Rules of the product

In the product settings under Purchase Rules > Purchase Options you can set up who is allowed to purchase this trial product.

  • If this product can be purchased only once per customer, tick the first box.

  • If only new customers may purchase this product, tick the second box.
    New customers are customers who have not yet made a booking. Once they book an activity in your studio, this product will no longer be visible to them.

Step 4 - Allow the trial product in the activity settings

If in the product settings you selected 'Special Type > Trial Service' (check Step 1 - otherwise, skip this step), you can choose to limit or forbid bookings with the trial product for some activities.

Go to the activity settings of the activities and in the tab Rules > Registration Rules, limit the trial bookings per class or choose to not allow them :

Step 5 - Promote your tryout cards

Now that you have created a tryout product, customers will see the tryout card highlighted on your website and on the Eversports app.
You can promote your new product on your website or via your newsletter just by sharing the link to this product. You find the sharing link next to the product in the menu Products.

Additionally, on the Eversports app customers can easily filter for studios with tryout cards and this way you can attract many new customers.

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