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Back to the studio - get the fall off to a good start!
Back to the studio - get the fall off to a good start!

New updates on the segments, waiting list, communication history and direct emails

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With our latest updates, we want to help you get the fall off to a good start and get your clients back into the studio. There are new updates in the segments, the direct emails, the waiting list, and the communication history. In this article, we summarize the highlights for you.

The first filters are now usable for customer segments

As you may have already noticed, you can now filter the segments based on specific criteria. We started with filters for customer groups and gender. This allows you to find and contact targeted customers, for example…

  • advertise activities or promotions for students, seniors, etc. if you use the customer groups for this purpose.

  • …to specifically promote activities, workshops, or events that are exclusively for women.

  • ...finding enough women or men for a couples dance lesson and much more.

We're already working on further improvements in this area, so check back regularly to see what's new.

Use the potential of your waiting list

With autumn comes the time of full waiting lists again. You can harness the potential by...

  • ...organizing extra appointments if there are many customers on the waiting list.

  • …advertising appointments that still have free spots and take place directly before or after the full appointment.

You can contact the customers on waiting lists collectively by clicking on the contact button in the waiting list and writing an email there.

Keep a good overview of your customers

In our last communication, we already introduced you to the communication history, in which you can see which e-mails were sent to customers via the Manager and whether they were delivered, opened, clicked, … etc. You can now also add notes and call notes there so that you and your employees always have a full overview of the communication between the studio and a customer. Simply open the communication history via the customer profile or via the segments and try it out!

Further improvements for direct emails

From time to time it happens that you book for certain customers through the Manager - a good example of this is individually arranged appointments such as personal training or private yoga. Until now, you could not simply send the booking confirmation to the customer - and this is exactly what we enabled. You now have the option of sending a booking confirmation to the respective customer via the 3-point menu, saving you the trouble of writing the e-mail with all the information yourself.

Since we have heard again and again that it is unclear which sender customers see and which e-mail address any replies are sent to, we are now showing this info directly in the Manager. In general, your studio appears to customers as the sender, so it seems to them that the e-mail came from you. The answers are also forwarded to your studio address.

You can now also send a test email to your email address before sending it out to customers. Simply click on the test mail button.

We hope you enjoy the new updates and look forward to your feedback!

If you have any questions, just contact us via the chat.

Best regards,

Team Eversports

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