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More transparency in your communication
More transparency in your communication

Communication history (BETA), new customer segments "active members" & "terminating members"

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Did you know that there are new improvements in the area of communication and in particular the segments? Read this short update to learn about our latest improvements.

Transparent customer communication through the communication history (BETA)

We have heard time and time again that the communication features are welcome in theory, but are still rarely used in practice. The reason is that it is not yet clear whether the communication was sent or received by customers. This issue is now resolved through communication history (BETA). You can open this either via the customer profile by clicking on the "Communication" tab, or by clicking on specific customers in the "Segments" area. This history allows you to understand...

  • ... which e-mails were sent to customers and when.

  • ... whether the e-mails were delivered/opened/clicked on or whether they could not be delivered (including reason).

Most e-mails are already visible in the history, but a few e-mails are still missing in the BETA version (e.g. if you send a payment link via the invoice overview, or if you send an e-mail confirmation for a membership termination via the Manager). However, these will gradually be added over time.

Active and resigning members as new segments

Membership customers are your most loyal and valuable customers. You will therefore find two new segments in the “Segments” area:

  1. Active members: these are all customers who still have a currently valid membership with you.

  2. Terminating members: these are all customers who still have a valid membership, but this has already been cancelled.

Of course, you can contact customers in these two segments just as easily as customers in other segments. These two membership segments in particular should help you to take good care of your most important customers and motivate them to keep visiting you. It is a good idea to ask the terminating members what the reason for the termination was and possibly give them a reason to stay with special offers or products. As for the active members, it's useful to inform them early on about schedule changes or give them members-only benefits.

We hope you enjoy our new improvements. If you have any questions, feedback, or further improvement requests, please contact us via the chat.

Best regards,

TEAM Eversports

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