The aim of the online payment is to reduce your effort and offer an ideal service to your customers. Here you will learn how to activate the online payment

Transaction of online payment

For the online payment we cooperate with a payment provider. Therefore, we can serve a really safe and high-qualitative service in this field.

Online paid products will be assigned automatically to the customers. Immediately after the payment the online paid amount will be transferred to your own account of our payment provider.

Your customers are able to cancel their purchase during the of you determined cancelation period. If they do so, their paid amount of money will be refunded automatically. This will be done by Eversports directly and there will be no expenditure for you.

Payout of online payments

To the end of the month all online paid payments from the last accounting period (25th of the previous month - 24th of the current month) will be transferred per online payment to your reference account. This happens according to the following terms: 

  • All single tickets (workshops, courses, camps, place bookings) and products (block ticket or season ticket) will be paid.
  • Cancellations of previous online paid bookings will be deducted from future payouts according to the cancellation date.

Transparency in the online payment process is really important for us. Thus, you will find a detailed overview of all online payments at any time. Simply click on your name at the top-right corner and then on “Billing”.

In the tab invoices you will additionally find all online paid purchases in your monthly payout journal. You can download the payout journal under the menu item invoices. Moreover, you will receive the payout journal by email once per month.

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