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How do you cancel a multisession event (Courses, workshops, retreats, events, camps, education)

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In this article we show you how you can cancel a mulitsession event such as a workshop, event, retreat, courses, camps, and education.

How to cancel an entire workshop

Before you cancel the workshop you always have to check if there are any customers signed in to the workshop and make an export of your customer list.

  • First go to the Sign in:

  • Go to More > Export participants to export a list of your participants:

IMPORTANT: When using the ticketsystem or tickets always make an export of your customers first so that you know which customers need a refund.

If there are customers signed in to the workshop you have to sign them out of the class first.

  • You could contact your customers via More > Contact participants (optional).

  • For each customers click on the 3 dots > Sign out.

Now you can cancel your workshop.

  • Go to the workshop Settings (pencil-icon):

  • Then go to tab Dates:

  • Then select all sessions you want to delete and click on Delete:

Now you get a pop up telling you these sessions will be deleted from the connected tickets.

  • Click on Delete appointments. After this the workshop has been deleted.

  • After you sign out your customers you can also archive the workshop in menu Activities > Management. So that it does not appear anymore in your overview of workshops.

How to refund your customers

To refund your customers you will have to do this manually, by cancelling their invoices.

NOTE: Online payment methods will be refunded automatically. Offline payment methods you will have to refund your customers manually.

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