Activity groups

We will show you what groups are good for and how you can best use them.

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Advantages of activity groups: 

  • Visual representation in the timetable 

  • Clear structure for several activities 

  • Possibility of group specific timetables

Create a new group: 

To create a new group, click on “Create new group” when creating the activity. 

Enter the groups name (e.g. subdivision by sport) and assign a color to this group. The selected color reflects the tile in the timetable and applies to all activities assigned to this group. Select the created group when creating the activity and set up the activity.

Overview of activity groups

For a clear overview, you can find all created groups under the tab activities > groups.

Share timetable of one single activity group:

You have the option to create a timetable for each group. For example, you have created a group for your online classes and now you want to link only this timetable on your website. You can go to the menu activities > groups and share the link to this specific activity group.
Only those activities within that group will be shown on the widget:

NOTE: If you see a blank page, check if you have activated the class calendar in your widget settings (under the menu item "Settings" and the tab "Widget"):

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