In this article we show you how to get a clean email list of all your customers in just a few steps. You can then import this list into your newsletter tool and send a newsletter.

Step 1: Export of email addresses

  • In the customer administration you will find the possibility to export the current list of your customers. You have to click on the button 'More' in the upper right corner and then on the option 'Export customers'. A CSV document will be downloaded directly.

Step 2: Editing the CSV document

  • The document is already prepared and usable. But if something went wrong, you will find out here how to prepare it manually. In a CSV document, all characters are written directly in the first column. You can easily change this by marking the whole column A and then clicking on the button "Text to Columns".
  • Afterwards a pop-up will open in which you leave the setting "Delimited" in the first step and then click "Next'"
  • Now you click on "Comma". Then you can already click on "Finish" in the lower right corner. The pop-up closes and all columns are now separated from each other.

Step 3: Remove duplicate email addresses and empty columns

  • In the third step you can first remove all other columns, so that only the list with the email addresses remains. If you want, you can of course leave other columns as well.
  • Then select the entire column containing the email addresses.
  • If you now click on the button "Remove Duplicates", all duplicate email addresses and all blank lines will be deleted, so that a clean list is created.
  • You can now import this clean list into your newsletter tool. 

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