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Export a list of email addresses
Export a list of email addresses

Create a list with all email address to send a special newsletter

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In three simple steps, you can create a list of email addresses that you can import into your newsletter tool.

For example, let's say you wish to send out a newsletter to all new customers from last month. 

Step 1 - Customer export

Go to the menu Customers and create a customer export with all the email addresses of your customer. 

Step 2 - Sort by the “Member since” field

For each customer, you will find the column “Member since”. This date shows you when the customer was created in your customer administration.

For customers who have booked online via your widget, the first booking date corresponds to the day the customer profile was created.

For example, if you want to send a newsletter to all new customers from last month, you can simply filter by last month. To do this, go to the data tab in Excel, mark the “Member since” column, and select the filter option.

If you now click on the arrow next to “Member since”, a menu opens and you can apply the desired filter. 

Step 3 - Import filtered list into newsletter program

You can simply copy the filtered list of email addresses of new customers and import it into your newsletter tool.

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