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Download Membership invoices online (for your Customers)
Download Membership invoices online (for your Customers)
Download invoices for the membership you purchased online through your account.
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There may be times when you would like to download your own invoices in order to claim them from your employer, for example. You can now download this online and you no longer have to ask your studio to sent them to you.


There are some requirements you must meet in order to download your invoices online.

  • You must have purchased your membership yourself online through or through the Eversports App.

  • You must log in via on a desktop.

Where can I find invoices for the membership I purchased online?

  • You log in to on your computer (the desktop version).

  • You go to the menu Passes & Memberships

  • In the membership, click on Options > Invoice history

  • In Invoice History, you can download your invoices. Click on Invoice.
    Now the invoice will be opened as a PDF file on your computer.

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