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Integrate the widget on your website
Integrate the widget on your website

How to integrate the online booking calendar (widget) on your website

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What is a widget?

A widget is an element that you can place on your own website. The element can have an origin somewhere else.

In this case the origin is Eversports Manager and the element is your booking calendar.

How to find your booking calendar

To place the calendar widget on your website, you need your personal widget link.

  • Go to menu Settings > Profile

  • You will find your widget link in the first section on the top left corner: Widget, Profile and App Link

  • Click on the eye icon to preview your booking calendar.

    TIP: There is also the function to copy the link, which is relevant for the integration later. In general the link always has the following structure:

How to integrate the WEEKLY booking calendar

There are two options to integrate the widget calendar into your website.

Both options display all activities of the current calendar week.

1) Booking button - external link to new browser tab

You can embed the widget link in any button on your website.

By clicking on the button you can open a new tab in the browser. All you have to do is copy your widget link and paste it into your website editor (i.e. Wordpress, Wix, Jimdo etc.).

2) iFrame - internal linking on your website

You can integrate the schedule widget on your website. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Open your website editor (e.g. Wordpress, Wix, Jimdo, etc.)

  • In your website editor go to the area where you want to insert the widget.

  • Copy the following code completely and paste it on your website editor:


NOTE: This step may vary depending on your editor, but often you will find content elements (widget, HTML, iFrame, etc.) in the menu that you can paste to the desired place on your website.

  • Copy your personal widget link and replace the place marker 'Copy-widget-link' in the code above.

  • If necessary, you can adjust the 'height' to change the number of pixels. The height varies depending on the number of classes and is individually adjustable. We recommend a value of 900px.

IMPORTANT: The width of the web page must be at least 1030px. If the area on your website where content is displayed is too narrow, the weekly calendar will automatically jump to the mobile view and the days of the week will be displayed listed one after the other.

This is often the case when there is a lot of margin left and right where nothing is displayed. This can only be changed in your website editor.

How to integrate subpages (workshops, courses etc.)

It is also possible to integrate to your website the links to specific subpages (e.g. a link only to your workshops overview).

In order to do this, you can copy your widget link and add the following code at the end of the widget link:

  • for only workshops: ?list=workshop (not workshopS).

  • for only classes: ?list=class

  • for only courses: ?list=course

  • for only trainings: ?list=training

  • for only vouchers: ?list=voucher

  • for only Shop: ?list=shop

  • for only Video Library: ?list=recording

  • for only educations: ?list=education

How to integrate the DAILY booking calendar

IMPORTANT: It is NOT possible to book via the daily widget.
It only serves as an overview of all activities of the current day.

In order to show the DAILY widget, do the following:

  • Copy your widget link

  • Add at the end of the widget link the following code: /day-event-calendar


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