We are in the menu 'Settings' and the tab 'Widget'. We recommend to open your timetable using the link symbol in the top right corner and the button 'Preview', so that you can instantly check changes made. But remember, you always have to save it first by clicking on 'Save changes' on the bottom right.


  • Title: Appears as a heading over your timetable. If you do not want a headline, delete the title and just enter a space.

Change booking confirmation e-mail

  • Additional information: Here you can, for instance advertise for special promotions.

  • Signature: The signature will be attached to the end of each booking confirmation.

Upload your logo here, which will be displayed at the top left of the timetable.

Partner logos

Here you can upload logos and link them to the corresponding website. This is a great way to draw attention to other studios or sponsors. These are displayed under your timetable.

Adjust styling

  • Colour: The background colour refers to the entire background, the font color to selected elements and the button color to the menu bar on the top right. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the colours according to your website.

  • Sessions: The color selection for free and reserved sessions is only relevant for ball sports. Otherwise, you can just ignore this setting.

  • Font: You can choose between nine different fonts.

  • Font color: This setting only applies to the Eversports app and website.

  • Stretch calendars across entire widths: Recommended for integration via iFrame.

  • User defined CSS: If you have knowledge of CSS, you can further customize the styling of the calendar.

Class calendar

  • Show schedule in the menu: In most cases, you will only have the 'Show general schedule' option activated and the calendar will show all the activities you have created. But you can also for instance only show your classes in the general timetable via the option 'Show class calendar'. Of course, the participant can still access the separate course overview at any time via the menu on the top right.

  • Show the following information in the booking widget: Decide what information should be visible in the calendar, e.g. free spots or the name of the teacher.

  • Classification of the calendar: If activated, the calendar is divided into morning, afternoon and evening. Experience shows that this view is perceived as a bit clearer.

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