Creating classes/trainings: Step 3

Recurring appointment 

If the class has several appointments, you can use the button 'Add recurring appointments'. You have to enter the following things:

  • Start and end date: If this is a recurring class that does not have an end date, we recommend 31.12. to choose and to go a little further into the future with the year, e.g. 31.12.2020. With the 31.12. you have a clean cut and know when you have to create new appointments again.
  • Start and end time
  • Day of the dates: If the same class takes place at the same time on several days, you can directly select several days of the week.
  • Address: You must define these in advance under Settings > Master Data > Locations for Activities.
  • Trainer (optional): You must have created a trainer previously in the customer administration.
  • Resource (optional): If you have multiple rooms in the studio, you can also specify this directly in the booking calendar. You must first define the resource under Settings > Profile > Sports fields.
  • Max. participants (optional): If your class has a limited capacity, you can enter a maximum number of participants. This number will be applied to all created appointments. But you can adjust it afterwards for single appointments.

Then click on 'Create appointments' (only once, otherwise the appointments will be created twice!). The appointments are now created and the class can be saved via "Save and return to overview". Before, it can also be saved as a template for creating other classes.

Single date

If you only need to create single appointments, you can also use the function of single dates. The input of the data is equivalent to the appointment series. Important: Always remember to click "Add" to create the single date.

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