Creating classes/trainings: Step 2

Image management

Click on 'Select photos' and select a photo that you previously saved on your device (PC / tablet / smartphone). Confirm the upload by clicking on 'Upload'. This image will be displayed in the online booking calendar (widget) as soon as you click on the respective class. You can upload one (!) picture per class.

Registration Rules

You always have the choice between a standard or an individual setting.

1) Online registration period

  • Standard: The participant can book the class at any time.
  • Individual registration period: You can either set a start date for the registration ("From which time may a participant register", e.g. from 7 days before class starts), and/or an ending time ("Until which time may a participant register", e.g. until 2 hours before class starts).

2) Online payment

  • Standard: The setting that you can change yourself under Settings > Master Data > Online Payment.
  • Individual: If different terms of payment apply to a single class than usual, you can set it here.

3) Valence

  • Standard: Per visit block cards will be reduced by one unit.
  • Individual valence: This can make sense if you offer classes of different lengths. Example: One of your classes takes 120 instead of 60 minutes (you have set the standard valence for this) and you want to charge two units for this. Then enter a value of 2 and the card will be reduced by two units. Important: The valence of a class can not be changed afterwards. If you need to do this, save the class as a template and re-create it.

4) Customer groups

  • For all customer groups: Everyone is allowed to register for the class.
  • Only for certain customer groups: This can be useful, if there are certain requirements for a class that are fulfilled only by customers of a certain customer group.

5) Trial Bookings

  • Do not allow: Nobody is allowed to sign up with a trial product for this class.
  • Allow: Limit the number of customers participating with a trial product. This will ensure that there is a good mix of experienced customers and beginners.

6) Aggregator bookings

  • Do not allow: No one is allowed to sign up for this class with an aggregator product.
  • Allow: Limit the number of customers participating with an aggregator product. This will make sure that your regular customers have enough spots available.

Cancellation Rules

You always have the choice between a standard or an individual setting.

1) Cancelation Conditions

  • Standard: This is set by us to 24h. For change requests you can text us.
  • Individual cancelation policy: Write an info text for your participants, which will then be displayed in the booking process and determine the exact cancelation period.

2) Automatic cancellation

  • Standard: Never cancel this activity automatically.
  • Individual: If you activate the automatic cancellation, you can decide how high the minimum number of participants should be and how many hours before an activity it should be canceled. Each participant and teacher will be notified by e-mail, as long as the notifications are activated.
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