Create a profile for an employee

How to give your employees access to the Eversports Manager

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This is how you create a profile for an employee:

  • Add your employee as a new customer to the menu Customers, if not done so far.

  • Enter at least the first and last name as well as the e-mail address in their customer details.
    TIP: for organisational purposes, you can assign this person to a customer group, e.g. Employees.

  • Now you have to assign to the employee their access rights.

    • Click on the three dots next to 'Edit customer > Assign rights > Select a role.
      NOTE: Each role has more or less access to your system. Here you find an overview of all the roles.

  • After assigning the login role, invite your employee to your Eversports Manager.

    • click Edit customer > Invite customer (scroll down).

    • The employee receives an invitation email and can choose a password.

  • Your employee can finally login to your Eversports Manager.
    They can LOGIN via

  • TIP: Share the following information with your teachers & employees so that they know what actions they can do in your system: First Steps For Teachers and Employees.

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