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There is no difference in the settings of classes and trainings - except the name. Therefore, setting them up works the same.

1) Creating Classes and Trainings

Go to the menu Activities > Classes (or Trainings) and click on Create New Class:

Basic info

Here you can fill in all basic information such as activity name, description, activity group (this is the color of the activity) and upload an image.
You can also select the activity Sport. If your sport is not here, you can add it via the menu Settings > Profile > Sports.
TIP: At the top you can select a template from an existing group lesson.


  • You can specify which products the group lesson/training is bookable with. Only with the selected products can your customers join this activity.

  • In the registration rules you set the status of the activity (online, visible only or internal).

  • You can specify how many credits are deducted for 1 participation (by default 1 participation = 1 credit).

  • Furthermore you can set whether this activity is allowed for aggregator bookings (i.e. Classpass, Onefit etc.) or if this activity is allowed only for a certain customer group or for all customers.

  • In the cancellation rules you set until when your customers can cancel and get their credits back (default 24 hours). If they cancel after this deadline a credit will be deducted.

  • If you have activated the video library you can indicate here if you want to record and share live stream lessons in the video library.

Add sessions

Here you add your sessions.
You can set the dates and times when classes/training sessions will take place along with the location and teachers.
It is important that you first create teachers and set up your locations (Settings > Profile > Locations).

TIP: Create one group lesson per sport in which you add multiple sessions (lesson dates and times).
You can add, modify and delete sessions at any time. More info can be found here.

2) Editing Classes and Trainings

To edit your classes (or trainings) you can do this via:

  • Activities > Management > Class settings

  • Activities > Classes - click on the 3 dots next to a given session

Extra tips:

  • How to edit sessions (here)

  • Cancel and delete sessions (here)

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