The setup of classes and trainings works identically.

Creating classes/trainings: Step 1

To create a class you must select the tab “Classes” and click on the button “New class”.

Basic information

  • Select template: When you create a class, you can save it as a template at the end and then select it again when you create a new class. If you have not saved a template yet, you can not and do not need to select anything here.
  • Title: Enter the name of the activity, which should also be displayed in the booking calendar, e.g. "Hatha Yoga".
  • Sport: Here you can choose the appropriate sport, e.g. Yoga or Pilates. The available sports are defined in advance under Settings > Profile. Later, your participants will be able to filter for the sports in the booking calendar.
  • Assign group: You can either create a new group or assign the activity to an already existing group. Each group must be assigned a freely selectable color with which the activity then appears in the booking calendar. Here you will find information about meaningful use of groups in activities.
  • Description: Write detailed activity information that your participants can see in the booking calendar. Of particular importance is information about what the activity involves, what target group is addressed, and whether you need to bring something with you.
  • Enrolment type: Here you select 'Products'. Now you can choose the products to participate in this activity, e.g. a blockcard. In order to be able to select a corresponding product in this step, these must first be created in the product menu. If you have not created any products yet, you can create the classes without this selection and then later in the product creation select which classes you can book with. If you want to create a free class, still choose the products and create a corresponding product for 0 €.
  • Single ticket: Enter the price for a single participation here.
  • Booking status: Here you have the choice between three statuses:
  1. Online booking possible (recommended): The activity is displayed in the booking calendar (widget) and can be booked online.
  2. Published: The activity is displayed in the booking calendar, but can not be booked.
  3. Internal: The activity is neither visible nor bookable in the booking calendar.
  • Level: Set a level for your activity so that new participants can also assess the required level.
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