It is possible that the same customer is recorded several times in your customer manager. This, for instance, is the case if a customer that you have already created manually, registers himself/herself online with a different email address. There is an opportunity to merge the data from one to another customer in the customer manager.

You find the function “Relocate data” in the top-right corner in the customer manager.

This function is only available for administrators. Visits, products, invoices and master data will be transferred from one to another customer through the relocation of the data. The “old customer” will remain as an empty customer and can be deleted afterwards.

The following pop-up will appear, if you click on the button:

First, choose the customer from which the information is to be taken from, then select the customer to whom the information should be transferred.

You need to write a comment about the change for the data protocol in case questions will occur. You finish the process by clicking on the button “Merge customer data”.

Afterwards, you delete the old customer by selecting the profile and clicking on “Remove customer” in the bottom left-hand corner.

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