Create a profile for a teacher

Create profiles for your teachers

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In order to create a profile for your teachers, follow these steps:

1) Create a teacher profile

  • In the menu Customers, you can find all your customer accounts and teacher accounts. The future teacher should already have a customer profile in your system, otherwise, you can create a new account.

  • Once the profile is created, you click on the three dots on the upper right corner and click on "Create trainer”.

  • A new screen opens where you can enter a description, including a picture and a nickname. You can also add sports.
    This is the teacher profile that your customers will see when booking the classes of this teacher.

  • The new teacher is now marked with a teacher symbol in the menu Customers.

    Now you can assign this teacher profile to your activities.

2) Assign the right login rights to your teachers

After creating the teacher profile, you can assign to your teacher the the login rights to enter your Eversports Manager and for example see their classes.
This is how you do this:

  • Select the teacher in Customers

  • Click on the three dots next on the top right corner. Edit customers > Assign rights

  • Then you can assign rights to this teacher.
    There are different roles you could assign and these have all different rights.
    TIP: In the beginning, choose the rights of Trainer. If needed you can alway change this later on.

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