The customer groups serve to structure your customer administration. You can either work only with the existing default groups or add more groups. This can e.g. make sense if you want to make participation in an activity accessible only to a specific customer group. Find out more.
Important: The customer group has nothing to do with the access rights. Just because someone belongs to the customer group "employee" doesn't necessarily mean he has an employee access. This must be defined separately.

Create or edit groups

Click on "Customers" in the menu and select the tab "Groups".

On the left side you can see which groups already exist. Select these to edit. To create a new group, click on the button "Add new group" in the upper right corner.

There are three groups already existing: Administrator, Mitarbeiter and Extern. "Extern" means: All customers who book online with you for the first time automatically land in the customer group "Extern". They stay there until you change it manually in the customer profile.

It is important that you give the group a name and choose a color.
You can also customize the settings for online payments and individual VAT per customer group. establish. By clicking on "Create Group" you add the new group to your collection and you can now assign it to your customers.

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