There are three ways new customer data can be added to your system.

1. You manually create new customers

For this, use the button “Add new customers” in the customer management. It is obligatory to enter the first and second name and it is advisable to fill in the email address at least. Consequently, you are able to invite your customer later on to book online. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to send all invoices per mail. 

Check-ins of your customer by a barcode scanner can be registered at customer number. All further information such as telephone, birthday and address are voluntary and you do not have to fill these out.

Important: You can even select whether you create a person or a company. If you offer, for instance, fitness in your company you are able to directly send the invoices to the company.

You also need to assign a customer group to the customer.

The field “Note” and “Warning” will be displayed at the check-in. Therefore, it is advisable to indicate important information, e.g. if the customer has back problems and is physically limited. 

The last step is to save the process by clicking on “Create customer”.

2. A new customer can register himself/herself

Customers that see your offer on your website, the Eversports marketplace or the app can easily register themselves. Their data will automatically be transferred in your customer management if they book one of your offers. For this, also see the article customer overview online booking calendar (widget).

3. Data import through a CSV file

There is the opportunity that we import all your customer data at once. For that we would need a customer list in a CSV file. You can generate a CSV file, for example, with MS Excel. In such case it would be appropriate to contact our support (via [email protected] or live chat).

By the way: The number of customer you are able to manage in your Eversports manager is regardless of your booked Eversports package.

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