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Learn how to assign memberships to a customer

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Memberships can be assigned directly in the customer menu. There is a separate division for memberships at the bottom in the customer menu.

A pop-up will appear if you click on the button “Assign new membership”. Then, you can choose a membership that was previously created. 

Additionally, you have the opportunity to set the start date and payment method:

Payment method

1) Open: Means that the invoices of the membership will be displayed as 'open invoices' on the due date in the invoice overview. In this case, you have to manually change the invoice to paid as soon as you have received the money.

2) Bank transfer: Means that invoices on the due date will be stated as an already paid in the invoice overview. This is useful, if you can be sure that the transfer will be withdrawn certainly. 

3) SEPA: During the creating process of a contract you are not able to choose SEPA. However, you will be able to do, if you assign a membership to a single customer. Beforehand, you need to deposit bank details and a SEPA mandate to the customer profile.

Do you want to assign a membership with the payment method online SEPA direct debit?

Preview of payments

When you select a contract template you will see a preview of the therefore generated payments:

You can edit this preview at any stage. Simply click on the tap 'Edit' - so you can adapt all settings for this template. Adjustments will be made for this customer only. The general templates will remain unaffected by the changes.

Then click on the button 'Continue'. If you click on 'Assign membership' the membership will be assigned to the customer.

The new assigned membership will be shown in the contract division in the customer profile. From now on the customer can be checked-in for all chosen activities with the membership.

Invoices of the membership

All invoices will be created with the status “Planned” in the invoice overview (click on 'Edit customer' in the customer profile and then on 'Show Invoices'). As soon as the due date is achieved, invoices will receive an invoice number and will become an actual invoice.

I.e.: when you assign a membership, all invoices due at that moment will be issued with an invoice number. These are:

  • all invoices for past periods (if desired)

  • all invoices for future periods where the due date is today

  • invoices for partial periods

  • invoice for the entry fee (if available)

All further invoices are created with the corresponding payment frequency (with the status "Planned").

If you choose a future date in the time period filter in the invoice overview you will see all planned invoices:

You can edit future invoices or set them due immediately. Simply click on the three dots on the right-hand side.


An automatic email with the invoice will only be sent to the customer if they book their membership online themselves, and here only the first invoice will be sent. You can send all invoices by yourself at any time via Finance - Invoices.

Further, when assigning a membership manually with SEPA Online, the first collection is triggered 4 days after the invoice is created (so you still have time to make any corrections). All future collections will then be initiated on the day the invoice is created.

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