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In the menu item 'Products' under the tab 'Membership & Contracts' you can create a new studio contract by clicking the button 'New' on the top right corner.

Basic information

  • Title: Assign a name, e.g. annual membership

  • Additional information


  • Interval: You can choose between a weekly and a monthly membership.

  • Period: Choose a basic runtime, e.g. 12 months for an annual membership.

  • Extension: Here you can choose whether the membership automatically extends after the minimum membership term or expires.

  • Automatic extension: If the membership is not terminated on time, it will be extended by the period entered here.

  • Cancelation period: Set the cancelation period for the membership.

Method of payment

  • Payment frequency: Here you can set in which rhythm payments are made. If you choose every 1 month, an invoice will be issued monthly.

  • Amount of the recurring payment: Here you can specify how much the customer pays. If you have set the payment rhythm every 1 month, you simply enter the monthly fee here.

  • Admission fee: This amount has to be paid only once at the beginning. An example would be an admission fee.

  • Overall price: This is filled in automatically if you set all the information above.

  • Due date: Here you can specify on which day of the month the invoice is issued. We recommend the "starting date", because the membership period will be calculated to the exact day. More information here.

  • Account: Choose the account the sales of this contract will be added to. 

  • Payment method: Here you have the choice between two options: 'Open' or 'Bank Transfer'.
    If you select 'Open', all invoices receive the payment status 'Unpaid' and you have to change the status to 'Paid' on your own.
    If you select 'Bank Transfer', the invoices will be appear as "Paid" in the cash register.
    Of course, you still have to manually check the actual payment on your bank account. If you use the SEPA module, you can later choose this payment method when assigning a contract to a specific customer.

Membership content

  • Allowed participation: Choose for which activities (classes, courses, etc.) the membership is valid. If you are doing the initial setup and you have not created any activity yet, you can do that later.

  • Membership terms: Enter your terms and conditions or cancelation periods. Currently, this information is not displayed.

Booking rules

  • Online booking: Here you can choose whether the membership can be purchased and paid online by your customers. 

  • Booking rules: Here you can specify whether the membership should be limited to a certain amount of participations.

  • Maximum participations: Here you can choose between days, weeks and months. You can e.g. specify a maximum of participations of two times per week.

  • Timeframe for rules: This starts with either the allocation or the calendar week. Example: You assign a membership on Wednesday. Choosing the day of allocation, the period (e.g. a maximum of two participations per week) runs from Wednesday till Tuesday. Choosing the calendar week, the period runs from Monday to Sunday.

  • Collect: Determine whether collecting unused participations is possible. Example: The participant may come max. twice a week. In week X, however, he comes only once. If collecting participations is possible, he is allowed to come three times in week Y.

Automatic termination reminder for memberships

  • Termination reminder: Activate this setting to send your customers a notice of termination opportunities before their membership extends.

  • Trigger: Set how many days/weeks/months before automatic extension of the membership the customer should be informed.

  • Subject & Message: Here you can customize the automatically sent e-mail.

  • Testmail: You can enter your own email address to test and review the reminder.

  • Important: It is required that the customer has activated the notifications in his customer profile. The automail is only available for membership that extend automatically.

By clicking on the button 'Create membership and back to overview' you confirm your entries and get back to the overview. The created membership can now be assigned to the customer.

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