Inviting and activating customers

Enable your customers to independently manage their Eversports profile

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To give your customers the opportunity to use their Eversports profile, you can easily invite them. This gives your customers the opportunity to book and manage their bookings independently.

Either you collectively invite all customers, individual customer groups, or individual customers.

We also advise you to inform your customers in advance (i.e. newsletter info or an announcement on your own homepage is recommended).

With this invitation email, it is important to know that you do not have to have any legal concerns. The notification is basically to be regarded as an advertising notification. But since you have a legitimate interest in advising your customers about the online reservation, your customers do not have to actively agree to this message. Nevertheless, after receiving the email, your customers have the option to unsubscribe from these types of notifications and would no longer receive them in the future.

1) Invite all customers collectively or individual customer groups

In the menu Customers click on "More" in the top right and then on "Invite customers collectively".

In the window that opens you can define the details of your invitation
To invite all customers, select "Invite all customers" in the customer group.
You also have the option to invite different customer groups. All the groups that you have created are listed here.
You will also see three other groups, which are not yet relevant for the first invitation.

Added: The customer has not yet received an invitation.
Invited: The customer has already received an invitation email, but has not yet set a password and can be invited again.
Accepted: The customer received already an invitation and accepted it. In this case, a second invitation will NOT be sent out.

Email subject and text are already set by a template, but you are welcome to customize them.

2) Invite one customer individually

You can also invite customers individually, either directly in the customer's creation process, or afterward, as long as the customer has the status Added or Invited.

If you create a new customer, you can create and invite them directly.
If you want to invite a single customer, go to their customer profile and click on "Edit customer" in the top right corner. You will now see a menu field directly below, here you can click on "Invite customer".

Now you can edit the invitation and customize it if necessary.

The invitation email always contains a link that your customer can use to activate his profile quickly and easily. All they have to do is set a password.

In the menu Customers, you can also see the status of your invitation.
Once a customer has the status 'Accepted', it means that they received already an invitation and accepted it.

TIP: Our experience shows that the invitation e-mails can sometimes are unseen by the customers, so we advise sending the first invitations more than once.

3) Re-Inviting customers

You can send a second invitation to those customers who have not yet accepted your first invitation. To do this, go to the menu Customers > More > Invite Customers Collectively.

Here you can now select a group e.g. all "invited" or "added" customers.

We recommend first contacting the customers in the "invited" group, and then the ones in the "added" group. This avoids duplicate invitations.

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