Articles are additional products, such as equipment (e.g. yoga mats) or drinks (e.g. teas), you can sell or lend (e.g. if you charge money for equipment) through Financials > Selling or the Sign in of an activity.
You can not (!) sell them online, but they help you to create invoices and manage your inventory. Accordingly, they are not displayed in the shop.

Create an article

Click on the menu item 'Products' on the tab 'Articles'. There you will find the function 'New article' in the top right corner..

Now you can fill in the fields from top to bottom:

  • Article Group: You must assign each article to a group (e.g. 'Equipment') to categorize them. You can create these groups individually by clicking on the "+ Create new article group" button. If you have already created a group, you can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon (see screenshot).
  • Article name: Give the article a name, that appears in POS > Selling (e.g. 'Water').
  • Article number: If you use a barcode scanner, you should enter an article number.
  • Description: Optionally, you can write a detailed description of the article, which only appears internally.
  • Selling price: First enter the gross price. Then you select the account with the right tax rate, the net price is automatically calculated. It is important to tick the box 'Show in cash register', otherwise you will not see it under Financials > Selling. You can set the check mark 'Enable price adaptions for selling' if you want to adjust the price of the item flexibly in Financials > Selling (in contrast: Discounts).
  • Purchase price: Here you can enter information about the purchase price for your internal documentation.

You can create the article using the "Save and back" button at the bottom right corner.

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