Products are what entitles you to participate in an activity, e.g. a 10-visit card. There are four different product types:

1. Services

Services are block tickets or time cards. Compare the two types to each other:

The participant pays both cards once (in contrast: contracts for which the participant pays a monthly fee). The difference lies in the limitation of the frequency of visits, meaning how often a participant may come with the card in total. While you set a certain number of bookings for a block ticket, e.g. ten bookings for a 10-visit card, you set a certain time period for a time card, e.g. one month for a monthly card. Optionally, you can set booking rules for both cards, e.g. limit the card to a maximum of two participations per week. 

2. Articles

Articles are products like water or yoga mats. You can rent or sell them on site.

3. Memberships and contracts

Are so-called studio contracts or online memberships. Here are the two contracts compared:

The main difference is that you can sell the studio contracts only on site, while you can offer the memberships online. With a studio contract, e.g. a annual contract, you can optionally set a cancelation period and an automatic extension, whereas the online membership will extend automatically until the participant decides to cancel the membership. Again, you have the option to set booking rules (for example, a maximum of two participations per week).

4. Vouchers

Vouchers with a certain monetary value (for example €50), which can be redeemed when purchasing a service online or on site (for example a block card for €100). You can sell them both on site or online.

There is also the index tab 'Analysis', which helps you to check how many block tickets are sold or which contract will expire soon.

In the following articles you will learn how to create the different products.

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