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This is how you sell your products quick and easy

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In the menu Financials > Selling, you can sell products to your customers.

Let's see how to do this step by step:

Follow the steps below to sell a product to your customers in the menu Financials > Selling.

1) Select the customer

First you have to choose you you wish to sell your products to:

  • Sell to an existing customer. Enter the client’s name in the search bar. The sold item is automatically assigned to the selected customer (e.g. 10 block card).
    If you do not find the customer, you can directly create a new customer profile.

  • Sell to a walk-in customer. You are selling a product to a Walk-In customer, so a guest who is not yet registered in your system.
    The main purpose of the walk-in customer is to allow you to manually enter sales of items (yoga mats, drinks) in your Manager.

2) Select the product

Next you can choose the product that you want to sell.

Here we distinguish between Services (block cards, time cards, etc.), Articles (coffee, yoga mats, etc.) and Vouchers.
NOTE: If you want to sell a membership, follow the steps in this article.

All services, articles and vouchers created in the menu Products can be sold. Just click on the desired product.
TIP: Click on the green pencil if you wish to give a discount or edit the product settings (e.g. number of credits).

3) Select the payment method

In order to complete the selling:

  • Select the payment method.
    You can choose between the payment methods that you previously activated in the menu Settings > Master Data. More info here to check your payment methods.

  • Select if you wish to send an invoice or not.
    You can choose between the following options:

    • Receipt: A external page opens up so you can print the Receipt

    • PDF: You can open and print the invoice as PDF

    • E-Mail: You can send the invoice to your customer via email

    • Without: The invoice is created but is not sent to the customer.

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter which option you choose, the invoice will always be created, even if you don’t print it.

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