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The invoice overview shows you all your invoices and cancellations of your customers

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1) Overview of all invoices

In order to check all invoices of all your customers, go to the menu Financials > Invoices.
An invoice is created every time that you sell something both onsite at your studio and online.
All invoices are shown in this overview and listed accordingly.

NOTE: When you open the page, you will see the all invoices created today. Of course you can select another time frame applying the filter 'Date'.

  • The bar on top shows your turnover for the selected period of time and how much has already been paid.
    IMPORTANT: The showed turnover on this bar does not have to be the same as your day-end closing. The reason is, that the invoice overview shows invoices based on their creation date. The day-end closing is based on the transaction date and this often deviates from the invoice creation.

  • With the filter bar you can look for specific invoices by setting different filters.

    For example, you can look for invoices created only 'last month', or you can look for all invoices with payment method 'cash'. You can also filter the payment status to check all invoices that are still 'open'.
    After setting the individual filters, the invoice overview shows the most important information at a glance.

  • If you filter by 'Payment status', you can have a clear overview of all invoices with the same status , for example all paid invoices, or all open invoices.

    You can select the following payment statuses:

    • ALL - All Invoices, regardless of payment status.

    • ALL PAID - All paid invoices.

    • ALL OPEN - All unpaid invoices, including the following:

      • PLANNED - Invoices that have not been created yet and which will be issued on a due date. For example invoices of membership sold with automatic SEPA online.

      • PARTIALLY PAID - Partially paid invoices.

      • UNPAID - Open invoices.

      • ON HOLD - Invoices whose transaction did not go through.

      • FAILED - These are invoices of memberships sold with automatic SEPA where the amount could not be debited

    • ALL CANCELLED - All canceled invoices including the following:

      • CANCELLED AND PAID - Cancelled invoices that were already paid.

      • CANCELLED AND PLANNED - Canceled invoices that were planned. For example invoices of membership sold with automatic SEPA online.

      • CANCELLED AND PARTIALLY PAID - Cancelled invoices that were partially paid.

      • CANCELLED AND UNPAID - Cancelled invoices that were unpaid.

2) Overview of one single invoice

For each invoice, you will see the following information:

  • Date: Creation date

  • Customer: The person the amount is invoices to

  • Value: Shows the total amount of the invoice. The yellow percent symbol shows that a discount was given.

  • Open: Shows the amount that still has to be paid.

  • Paid: Shows the amount that is already paid

  • Payment method: It shows the payment method that was used to pay the invoice.

  • Sold by: Shows the cashier, so the employee that made the transaction (if it is an online transaction, you will see here the name of your customer)

  • Payment status: This helps you to get a better overview of the invoice status (paid, open, partially paid etc.).

If you click on the three dots next to the invoice, you can do the following actions:

  • Show all transactions - this shows you when the invoice was created, when the payment was done.

  • Show details - this is an overview of the invoice details. Here you can print the invoice or send it via email.
    NOTE: You can send the invoice email also by clicking on the arrow symbol on the left, next to the invoice number.

  • Cancel the invoice - More info here.

3) Export of the invoices

You can export your invoices as a CSV file, by clicking on the green button on the top right corner 'Export invoices'

Choose the period of time and click on 'prepare download'.

NOTE: You can only download a maximum of 600 invoices.

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