Click on 'Financials' in the menu on the left and then on the 'Reports' tab.

  • Step 1: Use the date filter to select the time frame you want to create the report for. If you click on it, a quick selection automatically appears with which you can directly select the most frequent period filters (e.g. 'Last Month').
  • Step 2: Choose which report you want to create. There are four different types:
  1. Sales & revenue accounts: Breakdown into revenue accounts, which you define under POS > Settings and assign to your products.
  2. Payment methods & cashier: An overview of which channels generate your revenue, e.g. online or on-site payment.
  3. Product sales & discounts: Overview for sales analysis, e.g. "Which products sell the best?". For this report there is also the possibility of a CSV export to make individual analyses even easier.
  4. CSV export of all payments: Overview of all individual payments, especially for your tax accountant. Here's how to open a CSV file.
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