You can find your day-end closings in the 'Financials' menu under the index tab 'Day-end closing'. Every morning a day-end closing will be created automatically. You also have access to all past day-end closings at any time and can create a new one if required.

Create day-end closing

Day-end closings (Z-receipts) are created in two ways:

  1. Automatically - generated by the system daily at 04:00 a.m. 

  2. Manually - by clicking on the button 'Create today's day-end closing' at any time

Each day-end closing contains the following information: 

  • the name of the user who created the day-end closing

  • the cash balance

  • manual pay-ins and pay-outs

  • cancellations

  • the total turnover

  • Turnovers by tax rate and accounts

You can download your closings at any time directly with one click and save them as a PDF file.

Attention: Once created, day-end closings cannot be changed afterwards for legal reasons.

Specials for France

For French venues we create automatically a monthly closing directly at the end of the month. At the end of the year we create a yearly closing. These reports we be exported with the archive for the finance. You can also see them in the list of the day-end-closings. They are marked as monthly or yearly closings.

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