By the cash ledger you always know how many entries you should have booked in your cash desk. In addition to cash payments, this also includes card payments, which were made directly on site. In this way you are always informed about your current cash balance. 

The current day is set automatically by default, but you can select any day or even whole periods. 

On the left side you will find a summary of the cash balance. If you click on 'Details', a more detailed overview will open.

On the right side of the cash ledger you will find an overview of the last inputs and outputs paid in cash. To find certain transactions, you can filter the table by date, payment type, cashier and transaction type.

Important: All invoices paid in cash or by card are entered automatically into the cash ledger. A selling therefore increases your cash balance. If you cancel an invoice that was paid in cash or with card, the cash balance is reduced automatically by the corresponding amount.

Manual pay in/out creation

You can create manual pay-ins or pay-outs at any time. This can happen, for instance, if you take out cash for purchases from the cash register (pay-out) or if you put change in the cash register (pay-in). You can make manual pay-ins by clicking on the button 'Create Pay In/Out' in the upper right corner. In the popup, click on Pay-In or Pay-Out as needed and enter the corresponding amount. It may be helpful to add a note to keep track why the money was paid-in or paid-out. Complete the process with 'Enter deposit'.

Important: The amount in the cash ledger must always correspond to the amount that is physically in your cash register. All receipts that you print, both for card and cash payments, should be placed in the cash register as receipts.

If you want to export your cash ledger, e.g. for your tax consultant, you can click on the 'Export transactions as CSV' button in the upper right corner and save the file. You also have the option of a daily report. This report will help you and your staff to check the cash balance at the end of the day. In the daily report you will find all cash transactions (including card payments on site) and additionally the cashier and the invoice number will be displayed. Possible input errors can be easily found with the help of this report.

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