In the menu 'Financials' under the index tab 'Protocol', you will find all relevant processes related to performance and prices recorded completely. 

All following is captured here:

  • Cash flows and service changes (e.g. discounts)

  • Reports (e.g. day-end closing)

  • Invoice items and much more.

This documentation enables you to monitor the history of your business activities.

To save the overview as a CSV file for a defined time period by you, first click on the date field, select the desired period and confirm the process by clicking on the export button at the right.

For French venues we create entries with the following codes:

  • 20: create archive export

  • 40: logout from manager

  • 50: period closing (day, month, year)

  • 80: login to manager

  • 110: export data

  • 130: role system

  • 170: cash ledger activities

  • 190: cancel an invoice

  • 250: new software version

  • 260: import Data

  • 999: all other things

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