Click on the menu 'Settings' and you will be already on the right index tab 'Profile'

At the beginning, you will find that your profile does not look very appealing. To change this, please fill as soon as possible as follows:

Basic information

  • Name: This studio name will be displayed to your customers. If necessary, you can change it here.
  • Sports: Select the sports you would like to be found with on the Eversports app or website. If you can not find the sport you are looking for, please contact our support.

Contact details

Please complete your contact details to make it as easy as possible for your participants to contact you.

Sports fields (resources)

If your studio should consist of several rooms, you can create these here. Later you can assign them when creating your activities and your participants will immediately see in the timetable, which room they have to go.

Opening hours

The opening hours entered here only refer (!) to your Eversports profile. This does not change the displayed times in the timetable, if these differ from the times indicated in the profile. If you do not work with seasons, simply enter something like 'All year round' as the season name and set 01.01.-31.12. as a period.

Description and information

Write a compelling description and explain to your participants what, e.g. makes your studio special.


Let your participants know what they can find in your studio, e.g. changing rooms and make the visit as comfortable as possible.

Profile picture settings

Upload at least three images (3:2 ratio, such as 750x500 pixels), as this is the easiest and most effective way to make your profile appealing. The first photo you upload is automatically your profile photo (indicated by the green house icon next to the image). All other pictures you upload will be displayed as title pictures above. Of course you can change the profile photo at any time via the green house icon.

Do not forget to save your entries by clicking on 'Save changes' on the bottom right!

 When you complete it, it may look like this:

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