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Master data - settings of your company
Master data - the settings of your company
Master data - the settings of your company

Enter all information regarding your company

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In the menu Settings > Master Data, you can enter all information about your company.
Your company information will be shown on your invoices and receipts.
Read the following steps carefully:

  • Go to Settings > Master Data.

1) Basic Master Data

  • Company address - The legal adres from your company

  • Location for activities - All locations your activities are given. This is shown at your schedule and classes.

  • Company contact information - such as your website and telephone number

NOTE: You can edit every field, except your company name. In case that you would like to change it, please contact Support.

2) Financial Master Data

  • Company details (VAT-number, commercial registration number, tax rates)
    NOTE: For changes of the VAT ID, please contact Support.

  • Bank details - Indicate here where bank account where the software fee will be debited from.

  • Tax Rates - Fill in this rates for your offer.
    NOTE: The venue owner is responsible for the accuracy of the information given in the invoices. If you are not sure what rates to use check your tax authorities.

  • Payment types offered for sales within Eversports Manager - These payment methods will be visible to you when manually selling something to your customers or when manually settling an open payment within Eversports Manager.
    Every payment option on location except from 'Open' creates invoices with the payment status 'Paid'.
    NOTE: These are internal settings only and have no influence on the methods of payments that your customers find when purchasing online at your studio.

3) Additional information for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Creditor ID in Germany - If you want to use SEPA XML direct debit, your company has to own a Creditor ID. You can request this ID at the german Bundesbank by using this link:

    Attention: The assignment of the Creditor ID is not your permission to debit SEPA direct debits. Therefore you have to ask your account holding credit institution! The web page of the german Bundesbank provides further information (link above).

  • Creditor ID in Austria - If you want to use SEPA direct debit you have to request this ID exclusively at the Hausbank. The web page of the austrian Bundesbank provides further information:

  • Creditor ID in Switzerland - If you want to use SEPA direct debit you have to request this ID at your account holding credit institution. 

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