Under the menu item “settings” you can find the index tab “master data”.

It’s  important to deposit your master data. They will be shown on your invoices and receipts.

Essential master data:

  • your official company address
  • your contact details
  • your VAT-number
  • your commercial registration number
  • valid tax rates
  • your bank details

You can edit every field, except your company name. In case that you would like to change it, please use our live chat (bottom right) to contact us.  Our employees will change the name immediately.

Creditor ID in Germany

If you want to use SEPA direct debit, your company has to own a Creditor ID. You can request this ID at the german Bundesbank by using this link: https://extranet.bundesbank.de/scp/

Attention: The assignment of the Creditor ID is not your permission to debit SEPA direct debits. Therefore you have to ask your account holding credit institution! The web page of the german Bundesbank provides further information (link mentioned above).

Creditor ID in Austria

If you want to use SEPA direct debit you have to request this ID exclusively at the Hausbank. The web page of the austrian Bundesbank provides further information: https://www.oenb.at/Statistik/Meldewesen/Meldebestimmungen/Stammdaten/Creditor-ID.html

Creditor ID in Switzerland

If you want to use SEPA direct debit you have to request this ID at your account holding credit institution. 

You can also directly activated the necessary defaults for vouchers, if you would like to use our voucher function. Bottom left you can find the different payment types on site. Please choose now “available for everyone” for “voucher (on site)”. With this setting, it is also possible for your employees to reedem vouchers.

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