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Keeping the momentum in 2023
Keeping the momentum in 2023

Sending direct emails to your customers, highlighted corporate deals, social media strategy webinar & yoga industry report preview

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The year 2023 got off to a strong start with the New Year's resolutions. Now it's up to you to keep motivating your customers and keeping them engaged. With this new update, we want to show you new possibilities and insights that can help you with that.

Send your customers direct emails via your Eversports Manager

An improvement that should make your everyday life easier is the ability to send emails to individual customers directly via your Eversports Manager. For example, if you now click on the e-mail symbol or the e-mail address of the customer in the customer administration or in the sign-ins, you no longer have to switch to your usual email application.

Just enter the subject and message and the email will be sent. If customers reply to the email, the reply goes directly to your usual inbox.

With direct emails, you not only benefit from high opening rates of around 80% - in the future we will also be able to show you the communication that has taken place with customers directly in the Eversports Manager and thus give you a proper overview about the customer interactions.

If you have any input on how to improve this function further, please reach out to us and let us know.

Further improvements in the field of customer relations and communication

In the coming months, we want to focus more on the topic of customer relations and communication. A short survey of important segments you would like to communicate with showed that you care most about the customers in the different stages of the customer lifecycle. So we want to work on being able to answer questions like these in the future:

  • Who are my new customers?

  • Who are my active customers?

  • Which customers are likely to be lost soon?

We also want to make it easier for you to contact these customers via the Eversports Manager.

If the subject of customer relationships and communication is important to you, then I would also be happy to discuss ideas directly in a short feedback call. You can make an appointment with me directly here:

Highlighting your corporate deals on

We made further improvements in the marketplace search to motivate new customers to book even more this year. If you offer company discounts via Eversports, these will now be displayed for all Eversports users. Both in the Eversports search and on your Eversports studio profile, your studio will receive the tag “Company discount”. In addition, there is a filter that company employees can use to limit their search results to studios that offer corporate discounts.

Are you currently not offering any corporate discounts?

Here you will find all the information on how to get started:

Yoga industry report 2023 preview

As the biggest studio software provider in our region, we leveraged our data and network recently to take a closer look at the yoga industry trends and challenges for the years to come. We surveyed >200 yoga studios and >420 yogis, and then supplemented the answers with Eversports data to create a comprehensive yoga report for the entire industry in the DACH region.

We will officially publish the yoga industry report at the end of February 2023. However, we would like to share the first insights with all Eversports partners today:

  • 42% of the yoga studios surveyed found 2022 better than expected.

  • 86% of the yoga studios surveyed are optimistic about the new year 2023.

  • The older, the more yogis spend per purchase.

  • 25% of yogis plan to spend more money on yoga in 2023 compared to the previous year (data from January 2023 supports this statement).

  • 70% of yogis prefer to consume their content via Instagram.

Social media strategy webinar with marketing expert Sibel Lang (in German)

Since 70% of yogis prefer to consume their content via Instagram, we would like to make social media strategy the topic for our next webinar (which will be in German). In this webinar which is hosted by fitness- & yoga marketing expert Sibel Lang, you will learn tips and tricks on how you can use Instagram, Facebook & co. more effectively.

When: 16.03.2023, 3:00 p.m. (German only)

Keeping the apps stable during peak times in 2023

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of a successful year, we paid particular attention to ensuring stability at the end of the last and beginning of the new year. Despite more bookings than ever before, we were able to guarantee 100% uptime and avoid downtime. A significant improvement in this area was also to renew the update process. This way, the possible display errors that could previously occur during the release of a new update will be avoided in the future.

We hope you enjoy our new update and look forward to your feedback!

As always - if you have any questions, just contact us via chat.

Team Eversports

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