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Ballsports matches 🎾: How you and others can benefit by sharing your match
Ballsports matches 🎾: How you and others can benefit by sharing your match

We explain the new Ballsport Match features and the advantages for you and your teammates.

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On Eversports there is now the possibility to share a booked court as a match with others, to join a match and to profit from many advantages from it.

How do you share a match? ⚽️

  1. After you've done a booking, add notes for your teammates , e.g. meeting point, equipment, plans, level (hints can be changed at any time)

  2. Click on "Invite friends to the match" and share the match details incl. notes via WhatsApp/E-Mail/etc.

🏀 What happens when someone clicks on your sharing link?

  1. All relevant information about the match is always available to everyone (date and time of the match, info about the course, address, list of current commitments, notes from the organizer:in)

  2. each person can save the match in his or her calendar

  3. players have the possibility to join the match and their participation is visible to everyone

⚽️ What happens if a player accepts?

  • The teammate will be added to the match info list as a player.

  • All players receive push notifications via the Eversports app when someone new joins or when the match is cancelled.

  • In the menu item "My bookings", besides one's own bookings also matches that players only joined will be listed

Note: these features can only be used with an Eversports account. If you don't have an account yet:

🏓 If you don't have enough players for your match...

Someone dropped out at short notice and you don't have enough players?

  • Ask your teammates if they can forward the match share link to their friend groups. Anyone with the link can see the booking information, not just Eversports users.

  • Tip: be on the lookout for public match-making (WhatsApp) groups. Many sports facilities offer this as a service to help you find new teammates.

⚽️ You want to find matching players on Eversports? Do you have other feature requests?

At Eversports, we work closely with our users to continually add new features and improvements for you. Share your feedback and requests with us so we know what's important to you so you can play sports with your friends: [email protected]

Have fun with your match 🎾 🙌 ⚽️

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