The intention of this article is for your teachers and staff to get an overview of the features that are relevant to them.

In order for your teachers and employees to have access to your Eversports Manager, you can follow the steps below:

1) Create teacher and employee profiles

First you can create a profile for your teachers and employees in the menu Customers:

2) Roles and access rights

Right after that, you can assign them the appropriate roles and access rights so that they can log in to your Eversports Manager:

  • Roles Administrator & Leading Employee.
    If you have additional staff members with full admin access like yourself, you can simply provide them with the articles and videos from our welcome email.

  • Roles Employee & Teacher.
    For these two roles, only the following information is relevant (as other functions are not visible to them):
    1. How to use the Sign-In: sign customers in and out
    2. Overview menu Customers: view customer details
    3. Checkout > Sales: sell products to the customers
    4. Checkout > Voucher Journal: check voucher status.

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