Fixed income and bonus per participant provided a certain number of participants is exceeded. We show you how to carry out such settlement.

This is the right article for you if your teachers earn a fixed income and an additional bonus per participant (starting from a certain number of participants). We show you in a few steps how the settlement works.

Step 1: Preparation of billing sheet

  • Click here and you will be forwarded to the Eversports billing sheet.
  • Log into your google account and click on “Create a Copy” in the top-left corner under the tab “File” in the spreadsheet. That is how you generate an own copy to easily conduct your settlement. You can directly save this copy as a favourite in your browser. 

Step 2: Export class overview from the Eversports manager

  • Click on activities/classes in the Eversports manager and you will find the button for download in the top-right corner:
  • Afterwards, you can choose the time frame you would like to analyze and export the data via a CSV file. Example: Class appointments in the month March 2017:

Step 3: Fill out the billing sheet

  • In general, there are 4 different colors in the spreadsheet. You have to fill out the yellow squares. The blue squares are from the CSV export. The grey squares will be calculated automatically - do not change them. The green squares will show the end result and the total income of your teachers.
  • First, fill out the yellow square B1. Here you can indicate the starting number of participants from that on a bonus per additional participant will be paid out. Example: There is no bonus till 10 participants. But if you give a bonus of 2 EUR per additional participant from 11 participants onwards you will indicate 10 here. 
  • List all teachers in column A (from A6 onwards). Hint: The easiest way to get a list of all teachers is to copy the whole teacher list of the downloaded CSV export and paste it in an empty Excel sheet. Then, select the list and click on the button “Remove Duplicates” in the tap “Data”. Thus, you will have a reduced set of all teachers that indicates each teacher just once. You can copy that list in the column A in the spreadsheet.
  • Afterwards, enter the fixed income of each teacher (columns B-D). Here you can distinguish the fixed income according to the class duration. If this is not the case just indicate the same amount in both fields. In column D you are able to limit the total income (fixed + bonus).
  • In column F-G you can indicate the bonus per participant that was additionally present to the of you entered number in B1. In addition, you have the possibility to distinguish between short and long classes.
  • Afterwards you fill the blue area (column R-Z) by copying and pasting all columns from B to J in the downloaded CSV file to the blue area. Once that is done all classes shall be listed in the blue area.

Step 4: Analysis of the teacher settlement

  • Once you have done step 1 and step 3 you can view the analysis of the teacher settlement (grey area). Here you see the number of short and long classes per participant. Additionally, the number of bonus participants will be indicated. In case there are more participants in a class than it is stated in B1 they are considered as bonus participants.
  • The columns N-P show the total result per teacher (green area). The total fixed income, total bonus and total income are indicated here:
  • Use the filter function in the columns R-Y to see each class per teacher:

You can contact us anytime whether you have a different settlement type or need our support. We are glad to assist you!

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