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Motivate your customers to stay active during the summer
Motivate your customers to stay active during the summer

Weekly memberships with auto-SEPA, memberships exclusively for specific groups, push-notifications and search improvements

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With the new update, we want to show you ways to motivate your customers during the summer. Therefore, we focused on the following:

1) New ways to use memberships

Weekly memberships with auto-SEPA

Many studios have been telling us that they feel their customers don’t want to commit for as long as they used to. Thus, it was harder to sell long-term memberships, especially now during the summer.

To combat this, we implemented the sale of weekly memberships with automated SEPA. If you already use automated SEPA for your monthly memberships, this improvement allows you to create new memberships with shorter weekly cycles. This can provide your customers the flexibility they look for and still offer you a steady recurring revenue.

If you are not using automated SEPA yet, feel free to contact us via the button below and we'll make sure that you learn how you can use it:

Restrict memberships to customer groups

Another improvement with regards to memberships is that you can now restrict the online sale of specific memberships to customers that are assigned to a specific group.

The setting is similar to the one you know from the services and allows you to choose the group(s) that a customer has to be in in order to purchase this membership online. You can, for instance, create an exclusive membership for some special customers. All you need to do is assign these customers to a customer group and then you can limit the new exclusive membership only to members of the new customer group. Members outside of that customer group will not be able to see this membership online. Another example would be to target customers that usually come less frequently during the summer to make them an exclusive offer. You can play around with this new option and experiment with what’s working for your studio.

2) New studio profile pages & search improvements

To present your studio’s profile page in the best light possible, we worked on a brand new layout on It offers a better experience for new and existing customers by highlighting all relevant info - on all devices! As there are now more pictures visible at one glance, make sure you have uploaded the right amount. This helps potential customers to get a better feeling about your studio.

Trial offers are the best way for new users to try your studio. That's why they are now highlighted in the search as well as on the new venue profile. Therefore, make sure you tag them correctly in your Eversports Manager. As there’s also a section highlighting your teachers and trainers, make sure to upload their pictures and add relevant info that potential customers are interested in.

On the app, your customers will now see your most popular products highlighted as an eyecatcher if they marked your studio as a favorite. This should give them inspiration for a follow-up purchase.

3) App communication improvements through push notifications

We all want to do more sports but are often too lazy when it comes to booking our next class. Does this ring a bell? That’s what we thought too! To see how we could increase the number of bookings at your studio, we decided to test out some new ideas focusing on app push notifications:

  • In case marketplace customers have downloaded the Eversports app and activated the app notifications, they now receive a booking reminder which is sent out a day after their last booking at your venue took place and they did not do any follow-up booking yet.

  • Moreover, another push notification was sent out to push more bookings at your venue. This was done through a 5€ Eversports voucher which was paid by Eversports if there was no reaction to the first booking reminder.

We hope you like our new features!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via chat.

We wish you all the best and look forward to your feedback.

Team Eversports

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