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An extension for providers to automatically retrieve their activity schedules through an application programming interface (API)

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What is the Provider API

The Provider API is an extension that allows providers to automatically retrieve the activity schedules from the Eversports Manager through an application programming interface (API).

The provider can use the retrieved data to integrate Eversports into preexisting software solutions or build new applications on top of the Eversports functionality.

What Data is Available Through the Provider API

Currently the Provider API offers access to Activity Schedules and related information, which includes:

  • Activity Schedules for Classes, Trainings, Workshops, Courses, Events, Retreats, Camps & Educations

  • Activity Details like title, description, start and end, location, room, state (e.g. cancelled), type (e.g. online streamed), total and available spots, cancellation deadline, pictures and more

  • Teacher Details like picture, education etc.

  • Checkout-Link
    A unique link for every bookable activity, that will take your customers to the Eversports Checkout for registration (see Customer Sign In)

For detailed technical information about the available data you can view the complete schema at https://provider-api.eversportsmanager.io/api/graphql

Currently NOT accessible through the API are among others: Customer Data, Booking Data, Financial Data, Court Availability

Can Data be Added or Altered Using the Provider API

The Provider API is read-only, meaning providers can only retrieve the Activity data from the Eversports Manager, but not change or add new Activities.

Can Customers Sign In through the Provider API

Not directly.

For each bookable activity providers can retrieve a unique Checkout Link that will take customers to the Eversports Checkout to complete their booking on the Eversports Platform.

How Much does it Cost to Use the Provider API

Pricing for the Provider API starts at 29€ per month per location but can vary based on the size of your studio and the intended use.
For more information contact [email protected]

What Can I Use the API for? What Rate Limits Apply?

The Provider API is designed to retrieve and synchronize activity schedules with your application in regular intervals. The API must not be used as a direct backend of your application. (e.g. loading the schedule from API every time a user visits your website)

Other than that the Provider API is provided on a fair-use basis. We do not generally limit the number of requests your integration is allowed to make, however we do monitor every integration and reserve the right to restrict excessive usage or harmful behavior.

What Technology does the Provider API Use

The Eversports Provider API is built using GraphQL | A query language for your API

GraphQL APIs allow you to specifically define and only request the data you actually want and retrieve that data in the JSON format.

You can interactively explore our APIs schema and its functionality at https://provider-api.eversportsmanager.io/api/graphql

How Do I Get Started

To start developing your integration we are happy to provide you with access credentials and a Quick Start Guide to make your first request in less than 5 minutes.

For more information contact us at [email protected]

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