How to archive customers

Archive your customers

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1) Archive your customers

Follow these steps to archive your customers:

  • In menu Customers click on the customer you want to archive. A pop up with the customer information pops up > click on the 3 dots > Archive Customer

  • A pop up appears asking if you are sure that you want to archive this customer.
    Click on: 'Yes, archive Customer'.

2) How to de-archive your customers

To de-archive an archived customer you have to follow the next steps:

  • Go to menu Customers > Overview > Filter. Now a pop-up appears.

  • Scroll down to Current /archived customers and select 'Archived Customers' and click on Apply filter.

  • Now you have a list of your archived customers.
    Select the customer you want to de-archive > 3 dots > Restore customer

  • A pop-up appears to confirm. Click on 'Restore customer'. Now the archived customer is back in your customers list.

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