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How to buy and use vouchers online?
How to buy and use vouchers online?

Buy and use vouchers online

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1) Buy a voucher

Where to buy the gift card

If your studio offers the purchase of vouchers, you will see it in the Vouchers tab on their website or in a newsletter:

It is not possible to buy gift cards in the mobile applications or on

Choosing a gift card

Once in the Gift Cards tab, you can purchase the gift card of your choice. To do this you must :

  • Choose the photo for the gift card

  • Choose the value of the gift card

  • Add a personal message to the gift card.

    Important: It is not possible to add smileys/emoticons in the text, this will cause an error message when clicking Continue

Pay for the gift card

After clicking Continue, you will see a summary of the gift card, including terms and conditions and validity.

After adding your payment method, you can click on Pay

Receive and share the gift card

After the purchase you will receive the invoice by email. In this email you can then download the gift card to print it or send it to the person of your choice.

You can still change the text by double-clicking on the white area, which will turn green:

After that you can save and then click on print.

After that you can save and then click Print :

  • select the printer of your choice

  • save it as PDF to send it by e-mail

2) Use the gift card/voucher to buy a product online

If you have received a voucher, you can redeem them when you purchase a product of your choice.

Note: Gift cards cannot be used to purchase subscriptions with recurring payments.

Depending on the value of your product and the gift card, you can :

pay the total amount of the product with the total amount of the gift card.

Pay for a portion of the product with the total amount of the gift card. You can add a payment method to pay the remaining amount.

pay the total amount of the product with a part of the voucher. This way you still have money on the voucher that you could use on a future purchase.

So, once you have selected the product or activity of your choice, you will see the option :

  • Add coupon code / gift card on the website:

  • Enter the coupon code in the mobile application:

    After you have added the gift card, don't forget to click Use to make sure that the gift card is actually used. After that you can click on Book:

    So your gift card has now been used.

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