End of the year clean up!

Make the best op the upcoming holidays and start now your Christmas Clean up!

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As we head into the end of the year, we would like to give you some tips on things to do before the New Year, as well as let you know what are the new updates in Eversports Manager.
In this article you will find:

  1. Tasks for general administration

    • Check your unpaid invoices

    • Clean your Eversports Manager

    • Use all groups options

  2. Tips and Ideas

    • Vouchers & Promotion codes (webinar)

    • Offer trial products

    • Online classes and video library

  3. New Updates and Improvements

    • Manage activities in a more flexible way on the Calendar:

      • create and modify sessions

      • bulk cancel several sessions at once

    • Export information about activities and participants

1) General administrative tasks

  • Check your unpaid invoices
    To close the year, we recommend that you look at your invoice overview to check if you have any open invoices.
    For this you can go to:

    • Financials > Invoices

    • Set the filters Date for this year and Payment status > All open.

    • Or go to Dashboard > To do's > click on X open invoices.

    • If you have open invoices, briefly check why they have not been paid yet.
      The invoices requiring action are the invoices:

      • Unpaid and without a payment method.

      • Failed (you can contact our support ([email protected]) to find out the reason for the failure).

      • Partially paid: check if the remaining amount is not due before the end of the year or if you need to cash a check etc.

      Invoices that do NOT require action:

      • Scheduled in the future with a payment method (credit card or SEPA).

      • Invoices with status: In processing

  • Clean your Eversports Manager
    Archive what you no longer need:

    • Activities > Management: archive activities you no longer offer.

    • Activities > Management: group activities: if you have several activities with the same names and parameters, you can group all dates in one activity for a better overview.

    • Products: archive the products you don't sell anymore. Customers who have already purchased these products and are still active will be able to continue using them.

  • Use all groups options

    • Activity groups:
      These groups have several advantages:

    • Groups of services:

      • Ability to group services (notebooks and single-payment subscriptions) on the widget and app and decide the order of these groups.

    • Customer groups:

      • Structure your customer management. This can be useful, for example, if you want to limit the participation in an activity or the purchase of a product to a certain group of customers.

2) Tips and ideas

  • Vouchers & Promotion codes (webinar)

    Take advantage of the end of the year to sell gift cards or create promo codes. Here's the replay of our webinar "Christmas Special - tips for the Christmas days".
    In this webinar, we cover the following points:

    1. Gift cards & promotions

    2. Ideas for Christmas gifts

    3. End of the year clean up

  • Offer trial products
    Trial products are a good way to attract new customers. To do this, modify your existing product or, if you don't already offer one, create a new service. You can find more information about this in this article.

    To increase the visibility of your trial products on the Eversports website go to the Product settings > Special type: Trial product.

  • Online classes and video library
    If your studio is closed during the holidays, don't hesitate to set up a video library so that your customers can continue to practice during the vacations. More information about this can be found in this article.

    With the health situation, some students prefer to stay at home. You can therefore also offer online classes. You can find more information about this here.

3) New Updates and Improvements

  • Flexible management of activities on the schedule

    We have added some editing possibilities on the Calendar to make it easier to manage your activities. You can:

    • Create a new class date by clicking anywhere on the Calendar.

    • Easily modify a date by clicking on the course and then on the green pencil:

  • Bulk Cancel multiple class dates at once! You can go to the Calendar and click on the green pencil.

    • You can go to the Calendar

    • Click on More > Cancel dates

    • Select the period for which you want to cancel your classes (e.g. vacation period), then select all classes (or only some)

    • Click on Continue to cancellation options
      you will be able to choose if you want to display the cancellation on the schedule (crossed out classes) or to delete them, and to inform the participants and students by email.

  • Export activity and participant information

    You can now export Activity and participant information:

    • Go to Activities > More > Export Activity & booking data

      You can now export Activity overview of all appointments.
      By using the filters, this can allow you to contact participants of online activities for example:

Feel free to contact us via the chat bubble with any questions!

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