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How to use discount codes for referrals
How to use discount codes for referrals

Use your regular customers to attract new ones

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You have probably noticed that new customers often come to you through referrals from your existing customers. In fact your existing customers are often an important channel to attract new people to your offer.

To take full advantage of this, we would like to give you a few tips on how Eversports can support you.

Reward recommendations from your regular customers

To profit the most from your referrals, you encourage you to reward your existing customers for any new referral, so that they activate their network and bring friends or acquaintances along. The discount codes in the menu Marketing are a perfect help for this.

Here a concrete example. You want to give a discount on the trial product for attracted new customers and then later reward your regular customers who brought a new member.
There are several possibilities for this:

1) Create individual discount codes for your top customers

In the menu Marketing > Promotions you create a discount code with an individual code for certain regular customers, which you then share with them. The discount code can be used once per customer and be valid only for your trial product(s).

Your top customers can share their codes with friends who will then buy a discounted trial product using the code.

In the overview of the discount codes you can see how often a certain code has been redeemed. If you give each customer their own code, you can easily track who has already brought how many new customers. This way you can also promote challenges between the top customers, where the people with the most recommendations can win something. (Of course you can also use this if you work with influencers or other cooperation partners who share a discount code for your trial products).

2) Create one single discount code for all customers

If you don't need to see who brings the most customers, then it's easier to create just one discount code.
Everyone can use your code to purchase all (or only selected) products.
In this case, you would have to ask the new customer directly by whom he or she was recommended, in order to reward your existing customers personally.

Promote the referral program in the automated mails as well

You can use the existing automated mails, e.g. the mails in the menu Marketing or the automated mails in the service settings, to promote your referral program.

For example, you can integrate a paragraph like this:

"Don't feel like coming alone? Then just bring someone and we'll reward your referral. Bring a friend who signs up in advance with the code XXXXX. Then when you come, you'll get -X% off your next purchase.".

Aside from the auto-emails, of course, it also makes sense to promote the referral program through other channels (onsite, social media, etc.).

We hope this article gives you some ideas on how to use your regular customers to attract more new ones.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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