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How to win over your new customers - updates & tips on Eversports Manager
How to win over your new customers - updates & tips on Eversports Manager

Receive personal feedback from new customers, use first names in auto-emails and promote referrals with your regular customers

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Your Eversports Manager has learned new features again!

Our data shows that especially in autumn many people become more active and start to develop a routine. This of course gives you the chance to get in contact with many first-time visitors.
With this update we would like to present you improvements that will help you learn more about new customers and convince them of your offer.

Read all the details about the update here:

1) Get personal feedback from new customers

When new customers visit you for the first time, it's important to know how they liked it. However, you often can't reach everyone directly after the activity. Plus, it is also difficult to get honest feedback on site. That is why we introduced the option for your NEW customers to submit via the app, besides public reviews, also to share personal feedback with you (which is not publicly visible).

After their first participation, customers are asked in the app to rate their experience with you using various emojis. They can also send you additional qualitative feedback.

You will find the feedback directly in your menu Customers > Ratings & Feedback.

TIP: We also show you the latest feedback directly in the menu Dashboard. Here you can see up to 3 reviews.

2) Use the first name of your customers in the automated mails

To make the communication for your new customers and clients even more personal, you can now use their first names in the auto-mails. To insert them, you can simply click on the following icon in the text editor of the auto-mails in the menu Marketing.

If you haven't activated auto-emails yet, you can find them in the menu Marketing:

3) Tips, how to win new customers thanks to your regular customers

You have probably already noticed that many new customers come through referrals from regular customers. These recommendations can be a very important channel to gain new customers. To make the most of this, it is worth rewarding your regular customers for their recommendations.
For this reason, we would like to give you some tips on how the Eversports Manager can support you in this - check out our new article on how to win new customers thanks to your regular customers.

Read more tips on how to create long-lasting relations with your customers and attract more new customers, in the section Customer Retention of our Help Center.
If you missed it, take a few minutes and get inspired by our tips.

4) A little preview - more payment options for your customers

We would like to give you a short preview of another exciting innovation, which is now not only a valuable improvement for new customers, but also existing for customers. Soon Apple Pay and Google Pay will be available in the section payment methods of the Eversports app.
This gives your customers even more freedom in how they can book your classes.

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