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How to terminate your membership (for your customers)
How to terminate your membership (for your customers)

terminating memberships

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This article shows you how to cancel your memberships over the Eversports website and over the Eversports app.

IMPORTANT - Memberships can only be canceled online, if they were purchased online. If the membership was purchased directly at the facility, the cancellation must be submitted in written form to the facility.

1) Terminate your membership on the Eversports website

  • to terminate your membership, log in with your email on the Eversports website ( and go to the menu Passes & Memberships.

  • Next to your membership you find the button View.

  • By clicking on View, you see the details of your membership and cancellation conditions. You will also see a button to cancel the membership.

  • After terminating your membership you will see the cancellation date and until when the membership is active.

2) Terminate your membership on the Eversports app

  • Log in on the Eversports App with your profile.

  • Go to the menu Profile > My passes and memberships.

  • Next to the membership you can click on Details to show the membership details.

  • You will then see the cancel membership button.
    IMPORTANT: This only applies if you purchased the membership online and not directly at the facility.

  • Once you terminated the membership, you will see when your membership expires.
    The validity date will be visible in the menu Passes & memberships

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