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Attracting new customers is one of the most common challenges faced by a studio owner. Once new customers are in, you want to offer them a good experience and make sure they come back. The following applies here: communication is key.

Eversports offers a number of automated emails that you can send to your customers to make the first visit as smooth as possible and also motivate them afterwards to come back. In addition, the customer experience of existing customers is also important and that is why we offer a nice option to send an email on their birthday as a bonus.

You can find these auto emails in the menu tab Marketing > Communication.

1) Where do I activate the tab Communication?

You can set up these auto emails via the Marketing menu, under the tab Communication.

TIP: If you don't see the menu Marketing in the overview yet, you can turn on this free extension in the menu Market.

2) Which auto emails can I use?

For the four automatic emails in the Marketing tab, there is the possibility to add different information and choose a layout:

  • the first name of the customer,

  • the link to the Prices tab in your widget.

  • split your texts and use both line breaks (by pressing "Shift" + "Enter") and new paragraphs (by pressing "Enter").

  • adjusting the font size. This allows you to better define headings in your communication for a clear overview.

  • You can now use selected emojis

Automated email before the customer's first visit

When customers first join a class, they often have frequently asked questions. By sending an email before the first visit you can already send useful information that answers most questions. You can also give them a warm welcome for a good first impression.

Follow-up email after the first visit

If some of your first visitors are hesitant to make a new booking, you can contact them via this automated follow-up email. This email is sent to all customers who have made a booking, but have not made a new booking within 7 days of the visit. Bookings at other locations are also taken into account when you have multiple.

Happy birthday email

Wish your customers a happy birthday with this auto mail. This will be sent to your customers who have their birthday. Please note that the date of birth is has to be set up correctly in the customer profile. As a small birthday present you could use promotional codes.

Invoice email for online purchases

When your customers buy something online at your studio, they receive automatically an invoice by email. You can now personalize the text to fit your style and your studio.

INFO - To enable automatic emails, you need to write a subject and a message, check the box "send this automated email " and then click "save" at the bottom right.

3) What other automated emails are available ?

  • Automated emails for the products

When you create a product, you have the option to send an automated email before the product expires.

Block cards and time cards

For block cards you can choose whether the email should be sent after the appointment or after the booking, as well as the trigger (X units or X days before the expiry date). We recommend sending after the appointment so that the email is sent shortly after the customer's visit and has more impact on the customer.

TIP- If you are offering tryout classes or free classes, we also recommend activating this automatic email and changing the text to ask the customer how their first class was, if they have any questions, what product they should buy afterwards, what activity you recommend, etc. This is a very good way to get customers to buy another product after the trial class.


Sending automatic e-mails is possible for Memberships if you activate the automatic extension of Memberships.

  • Automated emails for online activities

In the tab Settings > Online Stream there is the possibility to add instructions for the online activities. Customers who participate in an online activity for the first time can receive an email with your instructions in addition to their booking confirmation. At Eversports, the links are not sent by email, but customers can find them in their profile. Here is an article with information you can share with your customers.

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