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Eversports helps you attract and connect with new customers
Eversports helps you attract and connect with new customers

New customers, auto-emails, Eversports Marketplace

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In the previous and current quarter, we focussed mostly on improving customer retention. This is why we introduced some new features, such as discount codes and communication auto-mails. In response to your reactions, in the coming months more attention will be paid to attracting new customers.

1) Eversports helps you improve your customer retention

There are several ways you can engage with your customers using the features provided by Eversports Manager:

  • Automatic emails for expiring block cards and time cards.

  • Automatic emails for expiring memberships.

  • Automatic emails before the first visit.

  • Discount codes on block and time cards.

  • Filtering new members of the last 7 or 30 days.

Additionally, we recently released some other new features:

  • Better overview of new clients in the Sign in of your classes.

    At a glance, you can now see when someone visits your studio for the first time. For the rest, things remain unchanged: the notice is shown as long as there has not been a visit in the past for which the client is set to present. This information is still shown in the yellow info pop-up next to the client name. If you have multiple locations, the notification still refers to the first visit at each location.

    TIP: If you click on 'NEW' you will find some great tips to strengthen the relationship with your new customer.

  • Improvement in the automatic emails for block cards.
    To motivate your customers to purchase another product it is now also possible to set up that the automatic emails of block cards are sent after the visit - and not only after the booking as before.
    This is very useful especially after trial classes to inform customers about your offer. Use for example discount codes to promote block cards or time cards. Of course you can also ask for feedback here to find out what your visitor's first experience was like.
    TIP: Here you will also find some best practices to best set up your auto-mails with products.
    This option is not available for time cards.

  • Follow-up email after the first visit.
    If some of your first-time visitors are hesitant to make a new booking, you can contact them via this automated follow-up email. This new auto-mail is sent to all customers who have made a booking, but have not made a new booking within 7 days of the visit. It also takes into account bookings at other locations when you have more.
    You can activate this auto-email in the menu Marketing > Communication. If you don't see the Marketing menu yet, you can set it up for free in the Market menu.

  • Birthday mail
    Wish your customers a happy birthday with this auto-mail. It will be sent to your customers who have a birthday if the date of birth is indicated in the customer profile. You can use promotional codes as a small birthday gift.
    You can activate this auto-email in the menu Marketing > Communication. If you don't see the Marketing menu yet, you can set it up for free in the Market menu.

2) Eversports helps you attract new customers

As a business owner, you know better than anyone else how valuable customers are to your company. In addition, you know how challenging it is to acquire new customers and to build long-lasting relations. This requires continuous work and significant investments in terms of capital and time.

At Eversports we are also aware of this, this is why we want to help you attract new customers and increase the visibility of your studio. We have a number of new updates that will help you with this:

  • Soon we will launch a free integration with Champ. With this API you can easily integrate bookings from the Champ platform directly with Eversports Manager. In your Eversports Manager you can set how many places you want to offer per class for Champ users. This allows you to reach even more people.

  • In August Vanisha started as Content Manager BENELUX. Vanisha will use her online marketing skills for Eversports and our partner studio, for example by optimizing the website search (SEO), sharing new blogs and tips and boosting social media.

    You may have already seen it, we recently launched the Instagram account of the BENELUX partners. We want to share as many fun moments from our partner studios as possible with our Instagram.

    Do you have any nice photos and/or videos that we can share on our Instagram/website? Then email them to [email protected] or share them with us via DM on our new Instagram.

  • The Eversports Marketplace. Eversports helps to win customers at a fair price through the marketplace. Unlike other marketing channels, Eversports operates in the most transparent way when it comes to attracting new customers. There are no costs for marketing activities, only when Eversports succeeds in bringing in new customers, Eversports receives a small compensation (16%) from the purchase from the paying customer. No cure no pay. This applies to a maximum of €100 per customer and starts in January 2022. More detailed information will follow in October.

We wish you all the best in the coming period and look forward to the new season!

Best regards,

Team Eversports

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